Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is coming

What signifies spring to you?

To me what signifies spring is the spring Bike Show in Toronto. 

The bike show is this weekend and i can't wait.  We always see people that we haven't seen in a while or usually the year before bike show.   It seems like we seem to see a lot of people from our mountain biking days.  A little reunion every year. 

Now my cycling world and circle of friends is getting bigger every year and I am loving every bit of it.

I can't believe Georgia is only 29 days away.  Yes the count down is on.  I love the people of Rome and their cycling community is so huge it's unbelievable.

On another note training this past weekend was great and horrible all in one weekend.  Started with an unforgettable ride on Saturday.  I was quite surprised with my numbers I was able to pull off in this ride.  Then came Sunday.  Wow Sunday was a test of my will to stay on my bike.  I knew if I just got off the bike that that would not have helped me.  By the end of my last interval I was starting to come around getting back into the groove.  My last interval was 45mins.  It's funny cause it seems like once I get past the 20min mark of this interval I just start counting down in 2.5min intervals in my head and then finally that last 5min comes and oh my.  Well that's enough about that.  Looks like more 2 by 20min intervals this week to improve my time trialing.

Good night all.

Shell :-)

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