Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has sprung

Was finally able to get outside and enjoy balancing my bike last weekend.  Oh my it was so great to get out.  Only took a few minutes to get the bearings back on the bike so glad that happened here and not in Georgia in a few weeks during a race.  Been out four days this week already and have already been up one of the local hills 10 times.  Have to still work on the cadence on going up hills but it's coming so i am happy.  In the 4 rides outside I have already had 1 flat tire well planned at my front door and almost got hit by a car that just wasn't paying attention to little things coming up the road in the bike lane.

Getting more ready for Georgia and the races that are coming at the beginning of that trip.  Waiting on my new specialized transition to come in if it ever does come in.  It's too late now for this trip for the time trial that is the first stage of the GA Cup Omnium in Rome.  Thankfully I didn't sell my old time trial bike from last year. At least at this point I have my club cloths so I will be fully outfitted in club colours in all of my races now.  I finally have my race license for the season which I got at the Toronto bike show a few weeks ago and by the way I can't believe I went to show and didn't buy anything other than my license.  Still have to sign up and renew my membership with the hamilton cycling club but this will happen this week.  Everything is coming together our normal accommodations have been set up with our friends in Georgia and we are so greatful  for this every year.  As I have said Rome is our home away from home.  Don't need a map to get there and to get around town let alone get around while riding.  Love it.

Waiting on the weather to somewhat clear a bit for today's ride of 3 to 4 hours.

Keep the rubber side down and watch out for those cars coming out of driveways.

Shell  :-)

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