Monday, April 15, 2013

So it must be spring!

Spring training camp has come and gone.  I can't believe the number of hours I put in under the very sunny skies of Rome, Georgia.  It's wonderful being able to stay with our local friends, Stephan and Sue, year after year and feeling more and more welcome in their home.  We were able to get in some rides with Stephan, and also Stephan & Sue this year them on their tandum that goes like a bat out of hell.  Wow!  This was the first year we were joined by Sue on one of our rides and it was wonderful to finally get out with her.  Another few locals that we were able to get out with was Matt who is on one of the local road race teams and then there is Peaches and young Blake who has grown 6" since the last time we saw him last year. The last day we were in town we were asked if we could show a race team around the Fouche Road Race course that had come in from Albany, GA as the local knowledge. lol  I guess you go back to a place year after year you become almost locals.  Always many thanks to Bill W and Carol. Chris M for dinner but sadly no get together for a ride. After 10 days I racked up 26hrs of amazing training in Rome this year.  We started our journey back on the saturday with the thermometer saying 23C and got home the next day with it saying I think a whopping -1C with snow.  Welcome home.

The first race of the season has come and gone also, Good Friday road race. This race was my re-introduction into the masters category after being in the elite 1/2 field for the last couple of years.  This category drew me back for many reasons but the main thing was because of the Novofit team having an amazing amount of ladies this year.  I cannot wait for us all to race together.  At the Good Friday race we were three strong out of our 8 ladies.  I have many things to learn about being on a race squad.  Knowing where my teammates are in the group.  Knowing when my teammates need help.  We just need to come together as group and i know it'll happen at Springbank Classic race in May. Closed course and everything.

The next race in April is this coming weekend Calabogie Classic.  Being apart of the Novofit squad it means that we will be sharing a house with teammates for this race.  So we'll get to stay with a few teammates Scully from the women squad and boyfriend Ryan, Phil G, Bryan K and my husband, Richard all from the men squad and some other teammates lodging fairly close to where the race is happening at the Calabogie Race track always a fun race.

til next time. :-)

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